Tonight Dan and Chris have a half news and half gaming show.

This also includes spirited discussion about Super Hero movies and the formulaic nature of them,  (including the recent Thor Release).

Then we touch on a bunch of other Trailers which arrived this week, and upcoming news on TV and other Movies.

Then the second half is all about Games Played!

These include Flamme Rouge, Alien Artifacts, Merlin, Clank, Quartex, and much much more! Thanks for Listening and Happy Holidays!

Some Links!


Thor Talk– Terrible “movie” but boy is it fun!


Next Point– People don’t really want Comic book super hero movies. They want regular movies with some people dressed as super heroes who occasionally do something maybe once or twice,that’s “super”=== See Winter Soldier or Arguably Ant- man or Civil War.


Dan’s 10 things that make up a (non back story) Hero Movie (seen it 10000 times)


  1. See hero fight minor villain, use some fun powers but pretty easy fight
  2. Show Villain quick back story on how they become a villain
  3. Super hero back at the real world “fitting in” or love life etc.
  4. Villain has his coming out party maybe or maybe not thwarted at 1st by hero
  5. Hero Struggles with something other then villain
  6. Hero fights villain 1st time or 2nd usually to villain getting upper hand or getting away
  7. Villain then devises the ultimate plan (taking advantage of innocents or finding weakness in hero)
  8. Hero once again in real world seeing how villain or hero actions affecting world
  9. Big fight Starts off with villain plan working, but ultimately Hero figures something out and wins the fight and villain is defeated
  10. Epilogue === After effects of fight, all is well set up next villain or hero or just leave that for post credit scene.


More Random News–


WB DC Shake up

12/10 Apparently they announced some changes to lineup going forward

Another Take

Yet Another


Robin Costume shown off for Teen Titans coming 2018– and HAWK AND DOVE!!

Ready Player one Trailer

Alita Battle Angel Trailer (dem eyes tho)

Tarrantino Star Trek???

Jurassic World 2 Trailer

Dark Phoenix first look

Ryan Reynolds in Pokemon movie— um wut?


Harry Potter Go   

Barnes and noble cutting size of toys and games


Games played!!



Flamme Rouge


SW Destiny


Splendor (Apparently now only comes with plastic not clay chips?)

Rick and Morty: Total Rickall

Fields of Green




Alien Artifacts (twice at 2-player, twice at 5-player)


Lorenzo il Magnifico

Isle of Skye 

Codenames: Marvel








Direct DL of the show HERE!


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