Thanks to Lance “Undead Viking” for joining us for a great show full of all things geek and all things gaming!

We meander around the geek sphere for a bit but also talk a ton about some great games like Yokohama, and Ethnos and a bunch of games to be released at this year’s Origins that you won’t want to miss!

Thanks for listening, and be sure to get in on our contest which will end on June 11th!

Games from the show…

Sword and Sorcery (ares)– 80$

Lisboa (Limited copies?) Vital Lacerda

Caverna:Cave vs Cave  $28 Mayfair

Oktoberfest $45 Rio (bc one can not have too many beer games)

Not Alone  $30 SHG



Quick hits

Witches of the Revolution (Atlas) 40$ — Witches in the revolutionary war deckbuilder

Fields of Green Stronghold $50

Tiny Epic Galaxies beyond the Black Gamelyn 30$

Kingsport Festival the Card Game –Passport 

Spirit Island (Demos)

Dungeon Draft UDE (Demo only)

Rocky Road A La Mode $20 Green Couch

Merchants of Araby $39 with coupon (Daily Magic)

Ethnos $40 (CMON)

Unfair 50 CMON– (Good Games)

Spoils of War

Overlords Of Infamy




 Divinity Derby

 Master of Orion  $35 (Crypto)

 Train Heist   45 Crypto

 Century: Spice Road 



The Tower of Madness (demo only)

Sidereal Confluence




TMG Releases!


Orleans Trade and Intrigue


Okey Dokey



Thanks for listening and please check out our contest on the show!

Direct DL is here!


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