Tonight Matt Wolfe Join Chis and Dan for our special yearly Gen Con Preview.

We do our Top 11 To try (demo only games) and top 11 to buy!

We throw in a couple of solid discussions as well.

Come find us at Gen Con and say HI and thanks for listening!

I will try and Link As many As I can sometime soon.

Yard House wed night 9pm

Legendary DXP– releasing 8-17 IIRC — much more stable
Bott of 9th App
Yucata– First Class released
Played Horizons and
Ascension: Alliances
Dized throne of Games
App to teach games

Discussion about
Century: Spice Road (Gollem Edition)

Renegade Games– Trolling or new release?

To Try


HM Neon Knights 2086 –Board to Death (no booth)

11Fallout: Wasteland Warfare— Modiphius

10 The Shared Dream— Odam Publishing

9 Ancestree — Calliope Games Tile Laying– eric Lang

8 Before the Earth Explodes Green CouchAdrian Adamescu, Daryl Andrews

7Founders of Gloomhaven Cephalofair

6Alien Artifacts — Portal

5 Big Trouble in Little china The Game— Everything Epic– more for curiosity than anything else

4 Edge Of Darkness (AEG) Mystic Vale guy

3Pandemic Legacy Season 2 (But I won’t demo it)

2 Merlin— FELD! Queen Games (Legend of sleepy hollow!)

1 Thunderstone Quest AEG


To try (demo only)

  1. Riverboat
  2. Museum
  3. Alien Artifacts
  4. Stacked
  5. Ancestree
  6. Barker’s Row
  7. The Big Score
  8. Lucky’s Misadventures
  9. Black Souls
  10. Monster Slaughter
  11. Animal Upon Animal: Memory Stacking

I have no idea I can’t follow it.

To Buy!


TO BUY ($ 603)

TO BUY ($ 603)

11- Sword and Sorcery— Ares 80$

10 Skyward— Passport (rule and make) 25$ (divvy mechanic)

9- The Expanse Board Game— WizKids– Geoff Englestein– Like Twilight Struggle 50$

8 First Martians:Adventures on the Red Planet –Portal 75$

7 Oath of Brotherhood (Worker Placement AEG) $50  

6 Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time— Passport/Fun Forge $40 — Fully co-op Feels like Skyway Robbery but coop and little simpler

5 Bunny Kingdom— 50$ Iello Richard Garfield– Drafting, area control/placement

4 DC DBG Confrontations 43$– Crypto

3Wasteland Express Delivery Service— 80$ IDW FLEEPLES!

2 Dragonfire (Catalyst–60$) –like the Shadowrun crossfire card game,campaign/legacy aspect

1 Valletta-– Z-Man Stephan Dora 50$ Deck Building Euroish

To buy (for sale at the show)

  1. Downforce
  2. Ex Libris
  3. Battle Kittens
  4. Custom Heroes
  5. Get Adler!
  6. Gold Raiders
  7. Head of Mousehold
  8. Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game
  9. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game
  10. Sparkle*Kitty
  11. Zoo Ball


To Buy

  1. Mountains of Madness $40
  2. Wasteland Express Delivery Service
  3. Ex Libris 60$
  4. Photosynthesis
  5. Unearth
  6. 3 Secrets
  7. Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time— Passport/Fun Forge $40
  8. Deadline
  9. 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis
  10. Lovecraft Letter
  11. Nemo’s War 75$

Some Extras— Expansions at the Show!

6 Valeria Card Kingdoms Flames and Frost— Expansion –$25

5 Nations the Dice Game-Unrest– 50$ EXPANSION!!

4 Cities of Splendor— 40$ 4 Expansions

3 Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium — SHG Expansion 20$

2 Champions of Midgard Expansions

1 Hogwarts Battle Monster box of Monsters— $30 USAopoly

Found these two late so didn’t add them to a list of expansion
Five Tribes


Thanks for Listening!


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